Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Who would be the audience for your media product?

This is the target age group where a division line could be seen between the younger and older generations, so by hitting a group of 16-25 year old males there is a balance of material in the film aimed at younger and older viewers, so it can in fact appeal to a wide variety of people. For the older generation, this film may also garner the interest of nostalgia fans. Superhero fans are also a popular subject in the media following the success of films such as The Dark Knight from which The Silhouette takes part inspiration, so this may also attract cinema-goers who want to find out more about the hype which has increased quite dramatically over the last few years.
The 16-25 year old age group is also a generation which is more likely to use the internet for information, which is a hugely powerful resource for press releases, news, trailers, posters and other publicity material, as well as finding out the theatrical or DVD release dates.

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