Friday, 28 January 2011

Film Opening Task - Part 2

During this week we have been planning our film opening further and have come up with many ideas. We have resourced to other films in the comic book genre or films which have used similar techniques to those we have thought of using for inspiration, referring back to recent films such as Kickass, The Dark Knight, The Incredibles, Sky High, Watchmen and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. We originally started planning our sequence out at an estimated length of 5 minutes, so we came up with ideas to fill the entire length before we realised we were aiming at a length of 2 minutes, so we have had to decide which ideas were the best ideas and shorten ideas without losing important content. We gathered to combine our ideas into the story of the sequence, and from this I drafted the first storyboard during our session last Wednesday. As reflected in the storyboards, we always knew we wanted the setting to be a big city (as per almost all typical films of this genre) such as New York, where we will be filming many key shots during out visit there in half term, so the opening shots will highlight New York's most famous sights and landmarks, in particular the Chrysler Building, Times Square, Brooklyn Bridge and the entrance to a Metro station. Later we will also be planning the remaining part of the sequence which involves the main character (assumingly the hero although he is only seen in silhouette form) getting ready, before the sequence closes to a shot of his silhouette on top of a building against the sky with his cape flapping in the wind, although this part is yet to be fully storyboarded.

Here are some film openings we used for inspiration when devising our concept:

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World:
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World:
The Dark Knight:
The Incredibles:

Friday, 14 January 2011

Film Opening Task - The Brief

We're now in our groups and have been tasked with creating an opening for a film - our group consists of myself, Isaac, Tom and Sophie, and our topic is the comic book genre. We instantly liked this idea because it sounded like an idea where we could expirement with lots of different techniques and have plenty of creative freedom. We have decided that our opening will be a mix of live action, animation and comic book art, which I am really looking forward to as a budding animator, and we also have talented "Photoshoppers" within our group. We may also be taking our cameras to New York for some realistic city shots when we go on our research trip. We are yet to devise a storyline but it will most likely follow the style of typical comic book film adaptations.